What’s an Estate Sale all about?

After my third estate sale, a dear friend said, “tell me about your garage sale business.” Wow, I was completely and utterly devastated! Is glorified garage sale or puffed up yard sale the impression of the industry I have chosen and adore? Sadly, this seems to be a misconception shared by many and perpetuated by non-professionals within the industry.
In reality, as a professional estate liquidator, it is my responsibility to
• Alleviate the burden of my clients whether their liquidation is due to death, relocation, downsizing, or foreclosure.
• Help my clients maintain their composure and sometimes dignity as they close this chapter of their lives to move on to the next chapter.
• And most of all, maximize the proceeds of an estate.
This process takes hard work, knowledge, and time. After all, we are getting to know our client through their possessions. Sometimes, family members are not even aware of what those possessions are or what they are worth.

Our Approach

What's in the name?

So many people associate us with ACME from Warner Brother’s Cartoons featuring the Road Runner and Wylie Coyote where ACME products were ironically prone to failure. We are okay with that because it is a link to iconic pop culture that we embrace. Others associate ACME was a generic product or think it might be an acronym. ACME anything but generic, the Greek origin of akmē means zenith, peak, or prime, in other words the highest or the best.

So why ACME? Because just like our names says, we are anything but generic. We differentiate ourselves from others by having fun while we work, embracing our love of pop culture, and putting forth every effort to be the best at what we do.

Our Story

Meet the Team


Tracey Tucker

Founder & CEO

ACME Estate Sales is a female owned and operated business. Owner, Tracey Tucker, has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and over 25 years of retail sales management experience. Tracey’s retail experience provides her with the management, organization, merchandising, and sales skills necessary for a successful sale.

sean profile pic

Sean Tucker


(Chief Furniture Mover)

All the great groups use roadies

Next Steps...

If you find yourself in a situation you where you may need help liquidating assets please call us for a walk through of the subject property. We will be able to assess the estate and give you valuable feedback on your options. Even if one or more of those options is pointing you in another direction that will help you in your specific situation.